Thursday's Specials

Homemade Soups:  

Cream of Mushroom

Chicken Tortilla

Chicken Noodle

French Onion

Homemade Chili


Today's Specials


A.)  The Thanksgiving Hero ~

Oven Roasted Turkey, Homemade Stuffing & Gravy all on a Grilled Hero with Cranberry Sauce and served with a side of Steak Fries  


B.)  The Patsy Wrap ~

Philly Style Steak, Covered in Melted American Cheese, with Sweet Peppers & Fried Onions in a Wrap w/ Seasoned Fries  


C.)  TBD


D.)  The Piled High ~

Our homemade Corned Beef sliced thick, warmed and Piled on Soft Rye Bread with Spicy Mustard, served with chips, a pickle & side of coleslaw


E.)  The Croissant ~

Thumann's Gourmet Turkey with Melted Alpine Lace Swiss & Honey Mustard on a Fresh Croissant with chips and pickle


F.)  The Fresh & Fit ~

½ Chicken Salad Sandwich with lettuce on Whole Wheat served with Fresh Veggies, a Pickle and a Cup of Soup or Fresh Fruit


G.)  The Bianchini Salad ~

Homemade Chicken Salad over Mixed Greens with Walnuts, Cranberries and a Side of Raspberry Vinaigrette